As your Business Coach, I will push you to be a high producer and profit-driver. There are people waiting on you to stop putting your wealth generating business vision off.

What is it?

My laser vision calls are designed to help you get the accountability you need without losing another year to procrastination.

You’ve listened to every sermon, followed every coach on social media, inspirational message, and motivational video on the internet, so now that we have filled up with all of this motivation, let’s get some results on the books.

If you’ve taken all the courses, posted on social media 10 times a day, used all the hashtags, and joined every mastermind group known in this hemisphere and you’re still not receiving daily sales… then a course and mastermind groups are not working for you, it’s time to have a conversation – NOW.

Here's what we will cover

During our Laser Vision Call, I will guide you through these four areas:


Nailing down clarity on your business focus & the RIGHT client

It’s time to talk about who in the world are you focused on serving? And let’s get over the mindset of capped incomes, charging pennies and serving everybody. You’re running an intentional business, we are not running hustles.


Your Unique Value and Promise

Let’s stop fiddling around with being general and all over the place with services and products that are empty of results. We’ll break down your product and service tier before you leave that job. Pricing and fees will also be discussed to help you communicate with confidence to your people and be comfortable with your money mindset.


Visibility and Client Attraction Strategy

We will begin focusing on your client attraction and creating a strategic plan to consistently generate leads. Your business thrives when you have consistent transactions. It’s time to start showing up and being the SOLUTION.


Your Action Plan to High Level Results

Before you slap down your resignation notice on your boss’s desk and do the dougie out of the office on your last day, let’s nail down your strategy and productivity focus. All of this requires 100% commitment to the process.

Shun left her corporate career and is now building a 7-figure real estate brand.

“Through Jai’s coaching support and plan development to move into entrepreneurship, I left my full-time employment with a Fortune 500 company and moved into building a multi-million dollar real estate brand. It was the best decision I could have made! This is my first year being a full-time agency and I am already projected to sell a minimum of $3.5 million in gross sales! Thank You Jai!”

Shun Owens
Affiliate Broker, KAIZEN Realty
Frequently asked questions

More of your questions answered.

The Laser Vision Call is a FREE 20 minute introductory conversation over the phone that will cover very specific concerns that the client needs to accomplish for their business. This conversation will enable us to ensure that we are aligned with your needs as a “CEO”. Leaving a job is stressful, so this call will give us a chance to iron out any challenges that may arise and to make sure you are matched with the right solution.  

After the Laser Vision Call, the next step is a Laser Strategic Audit. This will enable me to complete a comprehensive overview of your business vision, uncovering for clarity, conversion planning, social selling tactics, pricing focus and additional techniques for mindset reformation so you can quickly implement for quantum geometric growth. The Laser Strategy Audit is $329.

This service is for me to deliver the comprehensive  analysis to present to you my high-level recommendations. Your intake questionnaire will allow me to take an inner view at your business so that you can take the inspired right actions NOW. This service is provided via video delivered to your email with a private link for you to review at your leisure. After the Laser Strategy Audit and you feel you are ready for the 1-on-1 session, we will schedule this experience to create your streamline offer and business model speak to the right people and get the right results to successfully upscale your business profitabilityThe 2-hour Laser Strategy Session is the next level after the Laser Strategy Audit, which is an investment of $697 (your fee from the Audit is applied to the Laser Strategy Session). 

You may reschedule your Laser Strategy Session (not the Audit) online (please use the prompts in your confirmation email to reschedule). All fees are non-refundable, so be sure to schedule your session when you are absolutely ready to invest in yourself.

This is why the Laser Vision Call was implemented and the Laser Strategy Audit service was created, to help visionaries just like you to get in alignment, get the business up and moving so that you can get confident, get your clients, and get the revenue you desire.

If you do not have a vision for a business but strongly desire entrepreneurship, I would strongly recommend that you take advantage of my free webinars, social media lives, and podcast to deepen your inner connection of purpose.

I understand that money is a sacrifice for many, however – I would strongly recommend connecting with me on Instagram where I conduct live sessions, read some of my testimonials, and join my free webinars to receive insight to my coaching technique and approach, and content on social media before moving forward.

My Laser Strategy Audits are specifically intended for courageous professionals and business leaders ready to leave the 9-5 or grow their business, need help with strategizing and prepared for the investment. Always remember this: there is a sacrifice to ascend to the next level and when people invest, they pay attention.

Yes! If you need additional support, a deeper and surgical dive to each spoke to the wheel of the Laser Strategy Session, I offer the “9-Thrive Half-Workday Intensive.” This is a 4-hour virtual coaching experience that will include deeper pricing assessment, leveling up your sales and marketing strategy, creating a daily revenue-producing plan of action, resources and high-level clientele attraction methods.

If you are interested in the “9-Thrive Half-Workday Intensive,” there is an investment of $1597 (payment plans are available).

Group coaching sessions are not available at this time. However, if you NEED 100% accountability support, there are no limits to schedule Laser Strategy Sessions – as long as results are reported.

Yes! The 9-to Thrive Learning Hub is now open – I believe in continuous learning activities and that any business leader should have mindset to consistently learn and stay up to date on trends in their respective industries. Click here to access the Learning Hub

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I am a COACH who cares not just about you – but everyone that is attached to you. That’s the level of energy I give when I’m coaching my clients on leaving the cubicle. Promotions in a corporation doesn’t matter when you’re promoting your expertise. You are worth your OWN investment.

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REFUND POLICY: Refunds are not issued for this service. Please read the description of any coaching service carefully before placing payment.

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Before you launch your business, grab this guide.

Sign up below to receive the 7 mindset shifts you must make before you leap from your 9-5 into entrepreneurship! You’ll also receive self-work activities along with this playbook to stimulate thought process and creativity.